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  • 2-hour party
  • 3 services: Mini Mani, Mini Facial, Makeup
  • Fancy Tea table set up with 10 cookies and apple juice in teacups (hats, gloves, pearl
    necklaces for each girl to wear)
  • Free online printable custom invitation (found on our website)
  • Spa robe to wear during the spa party for every princess
  • Champagne flute with pink lemonade for every princess to toast
  • Tiara for the birthday princess to wear
  • Pretty nail sticker for the birthday girl
  • Arts and Crafts (make your own necklace/bracelet)
  • Dress up show on our PINK RUNWAY (costumes provided: tutus, shirts, wands,
  • Music provided
  • Singing, Dancing, Games and Little Princess Spa® Birthday Wishes (choose from
    Freeze Dance, Musical Chairs, Hula Hoop Contest, Limbo, Singing to a favorite song and
    much more)
  • 3 tables in front of the spa decorated for you to use to put cake, food and etc.
  • Kids table and chairs for the princesses
  • Lounge for mommies in front of the spa
  • Set up and Clean up
  • Staff dressed in a fairy costume with pearl necklace

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