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These Birthday Party Packages are trending high...

Parents have been booking these 5 birthday party packages from our 18+ birthday party theme catalog. They are really trending right now… 

The idea is to make it easy for you when it’s time to choose which birthday party theme. Our selection includes:

1 – Unicorn Candy Wonderland birthday party package

2 – Mermaid birthday party package, 

3 – Sassy birthday party package, 

4 – DJ Dance birthday party package, 

5 – Royal birthday party package. 

We are sure that your daughter will love one of these packages for her birthday.

Why Should You Choose Us?

* You believe your Daughter deserves more.

* Little Princess Spa experience is unmatched.

* At least one of your Daughter’s little friends has already been to our SPA.

* We understand what it takes to produce a birthday party.

* You pay for excellence. We deliver exceptional value.

* We have fun, but we don’t lose focus. You and your princess are important to us.